6 tips to make your labor day perfect

Free Happy Labor Day Clip Art Graphics

Well, it’s here. Labor Day, the sad weekend that many mark as the last hurrah of summer. While the weather might stay nice into September, it still feels like the fun is over. You won’t have another long weekend until Thanksgiving, and that’s why you need to go out in style.

Here are 6 tips to having the best Labor Day ever.  [Read more…]

care about your content (video)


Marketing is all about communicating. Communicating is all about having a message. Getting your message to your audience drives sales. Sales is the reason you do marketing. And we’ve come full circle.

So why do so many people forget about content? [Read more…]

choosing the right social media network


You’ve got a business, and you want to share it with the world. You don’t have the budget to run billboards and TV commercials. Your website is great, but it’s just a baseline requirement. You need to get people seeing you. Your next step? Social media. [Read more…]

bacon: the greatest thing in the world (video).


The salty, savory, succulent gift from the food gods, the tastiest treat to ever come from an animal, and the greasy little slice of decadence, affectionately referred to as “meat candy.” This beloved meat treat finds its way into salads, omelets, burgers, soups, and even ice cream. It’s served – nay, demanded – for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s a key component of dozens of favorite dishes and a welcome addition to many, many others. It’s the only food known to mankind that you can add to any dish and instantly make it better.

There’s only one food worthy of such power – the almighty bacon. [Read more…]

you should slack a bit more



Many of us are members of the instant message generation. From the early days of the almighty AIM (which amazingly still exists), to texting, on through to Facebook messenger, and all of the other available apps we use to communicate by way of typing (instead of speaking); plenty of people have grown accustomed to web-based chatting.

For many of us working office-type jobs, we even use this type of communication to stay connected to our coworkers – and it’s awesome. Until recently, Skype was the chat program of choice, but we’re on to better things these days, and that better thing is Slack. [Read more…]

make people love you at first sight


It’s no secret that people make snap judgments about the people they meet, about the places they walk into, about the websites they visit, and about pretty much everything.

First impressions are serious business and can shape the assumptions people hold onto for a long time – sometimes despite evidence to the contrary. At the very least, a first impression is the foundation of opinion.

So, if we can all agree that these first impressions are important for business relationships, friendships, customer experience, and so on, what goes into making a good one?

(Note: While it helps to be unbelievably good-looking, it’s not a requirement.) [Read more…]

welcome new employees like family

welcome to the team

Starting a new job is terrible. There are few experiences that make you feel more awkward, more out of place, and more self-conscious than walking into a new workplace for the first time.

New employees have to do the old rigmarole of filling out paperwork, doing the office tour, meeting managers, etc., but that’s only the beginning. Once that stuff is over, the real awkwardness begins as you try to settle into your new space, try to keep all the new names and faces straight, and do your best to manage the neurosis of worrying what all of these new people think of you.

That’s more or less the common experience, but does it have to be this way? Can’t we make efforts to help new employees feel more welcome, more at home, and less nervous about walking into a new place? [Read more…]

6 simple steps to having the most american 4th of july ever


Wondering how you can celebrate America’s birthday this weekend? Not a “sparklers in the backyard” celebration. I mean a full on handlebar-mustache-sporting, cow-eating, national-debt-having, SUV-driving, beer-gut rocking, country-singing America-thon. If you’re looking for that type of 4th of July, then I’ve got you covered.

It isn’t hard to make your 4th of July ridiculously perfect. If you’re in America right now, then you’re already halfway there. Obviously, you absolutely love America. Who doesn’t? Now all you have to do is show how much. Follow these simple steps, and you’re destined to have the most American 4th of July since 1776. [Read more…]