make your website more animated


Animation isn’t just the realm of Pixar, Warner Bros., and the like anymore. It’s more than goofy cartoons or crazy anime, more than Disney’s take on fairy tales or Adult Swim’s latest insanity …

Animation is quickly becoming an important component of modern web design, and not just the Flash-made, embedded cartoon “videos” and games we once knew, but an emerging trend of advanced CSS and JavaScript animation that makes websites more interactive, more eye-catching, and all around more fun to use! [Read more…]

yes, gamification is a real thing


It sounds like a silly term – at least a little bit – but “gamification” is trend that has been gaining steam over the last few years. And it means exactly what it sounds like: literally turning everyday events, monotonous tasks, and pretty much anything you can think of into a game.

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the return of the podcast


Podcasts have been around for a while now, but they seem to be experiencing a recent surge in popularity. Maybe it’s that people are coming around to their value (both makers and listeners), maybe it’s the increased spread of internet-connected mobile devices or the ability to connect them to car stereos, or maybe it’s a combination of both.

Whatever the case may be, we’re glad to see them on the up and up because, well, we just love podcasts! [Read more…]

what is content marketing?


In today’s world, traditional marketing strategies can sometimes fail to reach an increasingly tech savvy audience. Seemingly infinite choices coupled with the technology to skip and ignore advertising of all stripes, makes it easy for consumers to ignore your message. Basically, we as Internet users create our own media diet based on our taste.

Progressive marketers understand this dilemma and are leading the way with content marketing.

What exactly is content marketing? [Read more…]

mobilegeddon is upon us


It’s all happening. Mobilegeddon is here, and Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck aren’t going to save us this time. Google has announced a major algorithm change on April 21st that will heavily weigh a site’s mobile compatibility in search rankings.

Is your website ready?

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