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Abby Schnell


Abby graduated from Grand Valley State University with one foot out the door and the other starting out here at Revel. She has a degree in Writing and Communication Studies, and puts her skills to work every day helping to develop content for clients. Whether it’s blogs, press releases or social posts at Revel or journaling after hours, Abby can typically be found writing. She’s always loved it, and especially once she found out she could actually get paid for doing it!

Abby grew up on the same road as Eminem (8 mile in Detroit) before heading out to West Michigan where she went to college, interned at a marketing agency, and gained experience in content strategy. She loves being able to be creative at work. She can also speak French, enjoys DIY projects and occasionally straps on some running shoes.

When she’s not writing, Abby enjoys reading, cooking vegan food badly (though she’s not vegan), and hanging out with her boyfriend. Abby has a cat and plans to get another since she’s a total animal lover. She also loves to sketch and eat cookies, cupcakes and dark chocolate then balance it out with pretzels and veggie chips. 

Someday she’d like to buy a vacation home and name it “Important Business” so she can say she’s away on Important Business when she’s actually on vacation. Abby’s a thinker, alright.

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