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Affinia Health Network


Affinia Health Network’s mission is to transform healthcare in West Michigan through collaborative relationships with physicians, health systems, payers, patients and communities. Care is delivered in patient-centered settings, assuring timely access with a focus on quality, service and cost.

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Project Goals

As a Clinically Integrated Network, Affinia Health Network is made up of numerous members, both employed and independent physicians of Mercy Health. With such a large and distributed network, consistent communication was a challenge. Affinia came to us for help to increase organization-wide communication among members, and secondarily, increase membership.

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Our Approach

We started by branding the network to build awareness and provide consistent messaging, then created new communication tools and integrated systems for easy flow of information. Once these tools were in place, we were able to work toward increasing membership with a new website and branded support materials. 

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The Results

After two years, communication has strengthened considerably and is no longer considered a challenge. Also within this time, new members and attributed lives have increased significantly.

affinia health logo - Affinia Health
Logo and branding

The Affinia logo was designed to capture the harmonious connectivity of the network. There is a similarity to the Mercy Health logo to represent their affiliation. However, the logo differs enough to remain a separate brand able to stand on its own in support of all providers in the West Michigan area.

  • Design
affinia website - Affinia Health

To further increase communication and awareness, we designed a website featuring the new brand, simple navigation and user-friendliness. The website compiled information into a single source, making it a usable tool for members to easily access and find the info they need. The consistent messaging reinforced the brand and helped to strengthen communication as well as interest in membership.

  • Design
  • Production
  • Vendor Coordination
affinia annual report - Affinia Health
Annual Report

An annual report is designed yearly with colors that reinforce the brand. It presents data in an easily digestible format, communicating transparency, accomplishments, news, and happenings throughout the network. It also showcases the improvements and impact the network has made in reducing the cost of healthcare and forging change.

  • Design
  • Copywriting
  • Print Coordination
affinia culture booklet - Affinia Health
Culture Booklet

To help with consistent messaging and communication, a culture booklet was created, explaining the purpose and goals of Affinia, as well as the roles and responsibilities expected of its members. The ship symbolism in its design is representative of the way in which all of the positions within Affinia work together to achieve their common goal. The booklet serves as guideline to what being a part of the network is all about, and is another way of reinforcing connectivity.

  • Design
  • Illustration
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