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AGS is a leading manufacturer of specialty automotive lubricants, adhesives, and aftermarket brake, fuel, and transmission lines. Over seventy-five years’ worth of experience and innovative thinking goes into every product they manufacture.

  • Project Goals
    Project Goals

    AGS reached out to Revel looking to offer their speciality lubricants and aftermarket automotive products online. They were aiming to brand specialty tools, create how-to video content, and introduce products not yet known to the competitive market.

  • Our Approach
    Our Approach

    We began the process by learning more about their offered products and brainstorming the best approach to optimizing their business to the online market. Once we had a better idea of their needs and challenges, we developed a strategy to help them reach their goals.

  • The Results
    The Results

    AGS was looking to utilize the website to increase their competitive advantage within the industry. The website did just that, increasing their online revenue by 64% in year two. The site features product information, photos, how-to instructional videos, and various resources.


Revel crafted and produced instructional how-to videos for automotive professionals to interact with AGS’s product line. Their YouTube channel currently has over 400 subscribers with nearly half a million video views to date.

  • Video Production
  • Design
AGS Website


With a new website, AGS was able to feature products and helpful information for their clients. Not only did it continue expanding their growth, the website has generated more traffic and qualified leads.

  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Website Management
  • Ongoing Maintenance

From the client

“The website and videos that Revel has produced for us have had a very positive impact on our business. Our website is not only a wealth of product information, instruction, and technical support for our customers, but it’s also creating customers. The ecommerce addition to our site has allowed us to sell to customers all over the world who might not be able to find our products locally. We continue to expand the capabilities and content of our site, and in turn, it keeps bringing more benefits to our business.”

Christian Byar, Director of Marketing

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