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Arconic is the leading industry in investment casting. The company relaunched as a global leader in multi-material, precision-engineered products and solutions for high-growth markets. They transform the way we fly, drive, build, and produce power.

  • Project Goals
    Project Goals

    Arconic approached Revel looking to create videos that would communicate their vision and values to local and international staff of over 10,000 employees in five languages.

  • Our Approach
    Our Approach

    Our team started the project by meeting with Arconic to gain a better understanding of their culture and how their company currently communicates. We wanted to be sure their vision and values were clearly visually represented regardless of where the viewer was located in the world.

  • The Results
    The Results

    The videos have been beneficial in providing a resource for understanding and living out their company vision and values.

From the client

"Revel understands the manufacturing industry and has the right processes in place to add value to corporations like Arconic. Since releasing the videos, employees have a better awareness and understanding of our values and how they apply to their work. This allows us to continue serving our customers in the best way possible."

Amy Heisser, HR Director

Arconic video clip

Video Production

Our team designed and produced a series of internal videos available in five different languages for all team members around the globe. Each video encompasses and communicates the company’s purpose, vision, and core values. (Note: Video content is proprietary and cannot be displayed publically.)

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