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Cannon Muskegon

Cannon-Muskegon has grown to become the leading manufacturer of premium cast alloys. They manufacture alloys for a diverse range of industries including aerospace, nuclear, medical and commercial. In other words, some of the most intricate and highly performing components in the world.

  • Project Goals
    Project Goals

    In 2014, Cannon-Muskegon took the opportunity to reach out to Revel. Their mission was to position themselves as a global leader in superalloys. To make that all happen, they were looking for a team with the services to make their brand and products really stand out. Revel was up for the challenge.

  • Our Approach
    Our Approach

    We began the process by learning more about Cannon-Muskegon and the wide variety of unique products they offered. Their customers had a complex set of challenges and we knew they wanted to be the industry to solve them. As we began brainstorming and strategizing with our team, we developed a plan to bring that goal to life.

  • The Results
    The Results

    Cannon-Muskegon’s main goal was to utilize Revel’s creative, strategic, and digital services to position themselves as the top go-to superalloy manufacturer. With a newly designed website, powerful video highlighting their superalloys, and consistent print material, they generated a 127% increase in leads.


Revel began working on a new brand to bring Cannon-Muskegon up to speed in their industry. It started with research and meeting with their team to lock down a solid understanding of strategies that needed to happen. We then developed and rolled out the plans to create a freshly branded Cannon-Muskegon.

Brand Positioning

Cannon Muskegon case study


The Revel team designed and developed a refined website that highlighted Cannon-Muskegon’s products, capabilities, and technical information for buyers and distributors. It became one of the most beneficial resources for their internal team and those in the industry.

  • Website Strategy
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Website Management
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • Content Creation


Revel was determined to create something extraordinary to focus on an industry that’s like none other; an industry that proves it’s a global leader for the purest alloys in the world. If you think you’re ready, take a look.

  • Video Production
  • Copywriting

Print materials

Cannon-Muskegon’s new print materials included business cards, brochures, envelopes, and more. It represented their newly designed logo and brand, making them feel even more confident in their ability to tackle the role of top superalloy manufacturer.

  • Print Design
  • Content Creation
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From the Client

“The creative that Revel has done for Cannon-Muskegon really highlights how outstanding Cannon-Muskegon really is. The overview video was truly exciting. Cannon-Muskegon is one of the best in the industry. Revel helped capture and represent that visually.

Chelsea Houseman, former Inside Sales & Marketing Specialist