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Kundinger takes an innovative approach to integrated supply. They distribute, design, engineer, manufacture, and install solutions for a myriad of industries including automotive, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, chemical, and petrochemical.

  • Project Goals
    Project Goals

    Kundinger, like many industrial distributors, wanted to grow sales, generate quality leads, and help make their customer successful.

  • Our Approach
    Our Approach

    Kundinger went through our proven discovery and branding process, starting with items like a brand promise, before we went to work on more elements of Kundinger’s brand identity. We went on to develop and launch a new website, which led to a focus on content creation as well.

  • The Results
    The Results

    Leads from the Kundinger website are up 10X over their previous site. Kundinger will be taking the next step by implementing an inbound marketing strategy that includes blogging, targeted content offers, and more.


Kundinger needed a unified and updated look and feel for their brand, one that encompassed the breadth of their services and product line. Their tagline, “We Bring It All Together,” communicates helpfulness, expertise, and unity.

Whiteboard Session
Brand Promise
Audience Personas
Tagline Development
Corporate Brochure
Stationery & Business Cards

Kundinger Website


To position Kundinger’s brand in today’s competitive manufacturing landscape, their online presence needed a branded update. This also included improving mobile responsiveness and writing custom content. The result is a website that generated more sales leads in one week than the old website produced over the past ten years.

  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Content Creation
  • Website Management
  • Ongoing Maintenance

From the client

"I've received more leads from our new website in the past week than I got from our old site in the past 10 years."

Brian Kundinger, Chairman & CMO

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