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Grand Rapids Catholic Central


CCHS is a grades 9-12 Catholic High School where faith is expected , but what happens beyond that is extraordinary. Through a long-standing tradition of excellence and an undying passion to provide students with the best overall experience of any high school, anywhere in West Michigan, CCHS empowers students to discover their path and make an impact on the world.


iconAsset 7 - Grand Rapids Catholic Central
Project Goals

CCHS wanted to boldly present all that makes them a high school like no other, beyond their tradition of excellence and foundation in faith. Their ultimate goal was to increase enrollment by showcasing the fact that CCHS has far more to offer than meets the eye.

Asset 8 - Grand Rapids Catholic Central
Our Approach

We started with some thorough research, then used it to develop personas and build a brand that boldly positions them as a high school “beyond belief.” From there, a new website was created as well as a Marketing Communications Plan to build awareness of their new brand and get their messaging out for the world to see.

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The Results

The brand refresh and its bold messaging made an immediate impact, with a 224% increase in attendance at their “interested student” Discovery Days; a 280% increase in students taking advantage of Student Shadow Days; an eNews open rate 98% above benchmark; and an increase of 359 followers on Facebook.

cc beyond belief - Grand Rapids Catholic Central
cc beyond belief - Grand Rapids Catholic Central
Brand Positioning

Though proud of their tradition and foundation in faith, CCHS was tired of no one seeing beyond these aspects or realizing the many other attributes that make attending CCHS such an extraordinary experience. We created a brand that boldly and more thoroughly represents them, and educates others on why they are unlike any other high school around.

  • Market Research
  • Personas
  • Brand Sory
  • Brand Promise
  • Tagline Development
cc next 2 - Grand Rapids Catholic Central
Admissions Branding

There was also a need to brand initiatives within the CCHS administration. We created a brand for their Admissions program that fit beneath the umbrella of their overall brand. Entitled CC Next, it speaks to what comes next in a student’s future and life.

  • Naming
  • Logo Design
  • Print Collateral
grcc cc next recruitment trifold brochure - Grand Rapids Catholic Central
grcc website - Grand Rapids Catholic Central

The CCHS website was outdated, and did not function nor represent them in all the ways they wanted. We used their new brand to update the visuals and messaging on their site, ensuring to also incorporate the functionality they were looking for, making it more user-friendly and modern.

  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Website Management
Video Production

To complement their brand, we produced a video showcasing the many aspects that make CCHS who they are – a high school on a whole other level. Showing everything that makes them “beyond belief” reinforces their new messaging and brings their new brand to life.

  • Video Production
  • Design and Graphics
Recruitment Campaign

To build awareness of all that makes CCHS different and a viable alternative to those looking for a change or deciding on which high school to attend, we developed a recruitment campaign that encompassed their new brand. Using a variety of tactics, we were able to spread the word that CCHS is not your ordinary high school, but rather the way high school should be.

  • Copywriting & Design
  • Outdoor
  • Digital Ads
  • Social Ads
  • Print Ads
  • Video
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