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Michelle Dewey


Michelle’s a Graphic Designer here at Revel with a wide array of experience from drawing the Pink Panther for Owens Corning to designing t-shirts for a major clothing manufacturer to retail display design. Michelle discovered her love for art at an early age, drawing and painting pictures of animals – another one of her passions.

She graduated from Bowling Green State University with a disdain for their school colors (leave it to a designer to be bothered by that!) then put her degree to work, plunging into the multi-faceted world of Graphic Design. Michelle says her favorite part of her job is the rewarding feeling she gets when she transforms mundane information into interesting or inspirational material. 

When she’s not hard at work “making things look cool,” Michelle can typically be seen running her kids around, watching their events and activities, or spiking a volleyball on a beach somewhere – she’s an ex-pro after all.

A lover of sports with a competitive attitude, Michelle also enjoys cursing at her golf clubs, playing goalie on a soccer team and showing off her impressive vertical jump in basketball. She loves Bugs Bunny, supporting her favorite charities, playing the electric bass for All Shores Wesleyan Church, and is currently surviving a home renovation that takes up much of her DIY husband’s time.

Besides her hubby and three children, Michelle has a dog and three cats and says if she was stuck on an island and had only one thing to eat for the rest of her life, it would be a grilled swiss cheese bacon burger with an egg and fresh spinach. If only she could be a little more specific.

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