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OxyChem Calcium Chloride


OxyChem is the world’s leading producer of calcium chloride for dust control, ice melting, and oil and gas applications.

iconAsset 7 - OXYCHEM
Project Goals

OxyChem wanted a brand that tied all their products together and presented a superior image to that of their competitors. In addition to leveraging their company as an industry leader, the goal was for the new brand to gain mindshare with distributors and generate quality sales leads. They also wanted a strategic marketing plan to help promote the new brand complete with consistent messaging to positively shape public opinion.



Asset 8 - OXYCHEM
Our Approach

Following our proven GROW process, we Gathered the facts, Responded with a strategy, then helped OxyChem Own their message, creating a brand that better reflected their company and consistently and clearly defined their products. We then Worked the results, using our Analytics+ services to assess data and make adjustments based on facts, ensuring OxyChem’s new brand was working toward achieving their goals.

iconAsset 6 - OXYCHEM
The Results

Once the brand was developed, a marketing communication plan and strategy were put in place, including a company-first venture into social media. The process helped OxyChem see the big picture for their marketing and think strategically instead of tactically about their communication. The results include a 154% increase in social referrals and significant increases in Sessions, Pageviews, Calculator uses, Contact us emails, Distributor logins, and FAQ searches, just to name a few.


oxy voice guide - OXYCHEM
oxy voice guide - OXYCHEM
Brand Positioning & Strategy

Research and strategy helped form the foundation of a plan moving forward, allowing us to create a brand that delivered exactly the message OxyChem wanted to send, while also delivering results.

  • Brand Story
  • Brand Promise
  • UVP
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Voice Guide
  • Tagline Development
  • Media Buying
  • Marketing Communication Plan
  • Tradeshow Support
oxy ad 02 1 - OXYCHEM
oxy ad 02 1 - OXYCHEM
Campaign Development

We hit the ground running by incorporating their new brand into a winter roads campaign to get their message out before the snow started to fly.

  • Concept Development
  • Design
  • Content Creation
  • Video Production
oxychem digital - OXYCHEM

Since social media was new to OxyChem, we began building awareness of their new brand with a digital advertising campaign in addition to website updates to boost their online presence.

  • Website Strategy
  • Website Management
  • Digital Advertising
  • Programmatic Ad Campaign – Ice melt /Dust control
  • E-Newsletter
Social & Online Content

Entering new territory wasn’t easy for OxyChem, but they could see the value,  so we worked together to create new content and new ways to reach their audience.

  • Social Media Strategy & Execution
  • Content Strategy
  • Facebook Management
  • Blogging
  • Social Media Videos
  • Social Media Campaign
oxy facebook - OXYCHEM
oxy facebook - OXYCHEM
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