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Strategic Marketing Plans for Manufacturers: The Ultimate Guide
These Steps Will Ensure Your Success

When it comes to marketing, it can be tempting to assume that if you build “it” (new branding or a new website), then “they” (leads, customers, sales) will come. Even some ad agencies, which really should know better, can’t resist diving into the creative process without first doing their homework. And sure, manufacturers typically will see some kind of bump in engagement, leads, and even sales after refreshing their marketing communications. But as with any endeavor, hoping for the best (instead of doing your research and developing a strategy) usually ends in disappointment.

The real rewards come from taking the time to develop a research-based strategic marketing plan that aligns with and supports the manufacturer’s broader business goals. Such a plan specifies the direction to head (strategies) and the steps to get there (tactics).

A strategic marketing plan helps manufacturers make the most of their budget by determining which tactics have the highest potential to succeed. Investing in strategic marketing yields returns that can include, among other things, more qualified leads, higher sales, and increased revenue.

Manufacturers that have used Revel’s strategic marketing have seen an increase in leads and ultimately sales. Read on to learn how this strategic marketing method can work for your company.

10 step every manufacturers marketing plan should include - Strategic Marketing
The 10 Key Steps Every Manufacturer's Strategic Marketing Plan Should Include

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Revel's GROW Method Works.

Over decades spent developing business-to-business (B2B) marketing solutions, Revel has honed a proven method to grow manufacturers’ businesses using strategic marketing. Appropriately enough, we call it GROW.

process - Strategic Marketing
Gather the facts:

Conduct primary and secondary research

Respond with strategy:

Align business goals with marketing efforts and develop a tailor-made marketing game plan that includes SMART goals

Own your message:

Craft and spread the brand message

Work the results:

Execute tactics, measure performance, and adjust the plan

Gather the facts: research

The best marketing strategies begin with an understanding of target customers that can be gained only through research. Primary research methods include surveys, focus groups, and interviews of employees, customers, and prospective customers. Secondary research, using sources such as trade organizations and business journals, can provide additional insights into the market, category, customers, competitors, and more.

Data from primary and secondary sources helps organizations build consensus, base decisions on facts instead of opinions, and develop a strategic plan that will act as a foundation, springboard, and road map rolled into one.

Respond with Strategy

The effective marketing plan is one that supports the manufacturer’s business objectives, outlines specific strategies and tactics, addresses branding, and includes measurements for determining success.

Own your Message

The brand message is a cornerstone of any successful manufacturer’s marketing program. Effective branding clearly communicates what a company offers; establishes trust; differentiates even a commodity manufacturer from the competition; and builds loyalty. A strategic marketing plan outlines how to ‘own’ the story by determining which external messaging tactics (e.g., branding, website, email campaign) and channels will effectively reach the target audience.

Work the Results

The importance of metrics can’t be overstated. By developing quantifiable targets and analyzing the data along the way, manufacturers will know which marketing efforts are working and which aren’t, and can adjust the game plan accordingly.

Revel's Grow Method Gets Results.

While every effective marketing plan should include the same 10 key steps, the specifics will be unique for every organization.

Revel helped OxyChem think strategically and act tactically with regards to their marketing efforts. Revel’s tailor-made strategic plan achieved 70% of its website goals within the first year? and produced 15% more qualified leads, a 154% increase in social referrals, and significant increases in website sessions, page views, and calculator use.

“Revel demonstrated from the start they were prepared to invest the time to understand our business, markets, and customers,” says Greg MacDonnell, General Manager – Calcium Chloride Business, Occidental Chemical Corporation. “They quickly helped us better understand how our customers perceive us and how we could develop more impactful marketing communication strategies to reach them.”

The plan for OxyChem—the world’s leading producer of calcium chloride for dust control, ice melting, and oil & gas applications—outlined strategies including developing a brand that would tie all their products together and position the company as an industry leader; gaining mindshare with distributors; and increasing quality sales leads. 

Using Revel’s proven GROW process, the team Gathered the facts, Responded with a strategic marketing plan, and helped OxyChem Own their message.  Revel developed a refined brand that more consistently and clearly represents the company and its products. The strategic marketing plan provided tactics for promoting the new brand, including digital advertising, an e-newsletter, blogging, and a company-first venture into social media. 

“Revel refined our brand message and gave us short and long-term actionable insights based on data they collected in their monthly analytics report,” says MacDonnell. “We look forward to growing our business with Revel’s support.”

From there, the team Worked the results, using Revel’s Analytics+ services to assess the data and make adjustments based on facts, ensuring OxyChem’s refined brand message was working toward achieving their goals.

At Revel, we use our proven GROW process to develop tailored strategic marketing plans. By offering a choice of marketing operations options, we ensure that all aspects of your marketing plan will be covered, whether you have a marketing manager and are looking for project help, or need the support of a virtual marketing communications director and complete team

Contact us to get started on your strategic marketing today.

10 step every manufacturers marketing plan should include - Strategic Marketing
The 10 Key Steps Every Manufacturer's Strategic Marketing Plan Should Include

Help yourself to our free collection of marketing ebooks. Download, learn, and build something greater.

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